Where Do We Go From Here?


I have come to the conclusion that a focus on creating some sort of interactive stories that connects my arts minor and my other interests is the best way forward. To tell a story about the history of Shinto religion using Music, Games, Art and Technology is my goal.  


where dino


Things to ponder

My arts minor subject is the study East Asian religions i.e. Shinto, Confucianism etc. So to incorporate this into my focus would be beneficial and fun. My only concern would be that trying to incorporate all the other media types i.e. Music, Games, Art and Technology into a project like this would be difficult for me. Have I learnt enough skills to be able to pull this off? Lets hope so. Thinking of an area I would like to focus on for the next few years of studied has been hard. I had been pondering with this all summer and have found it challenging to choose from one area in particular. With my interests in Music, Games, Art and Technology its hard to pin down one area to move into. On the other hand I could grab inspiration from all these areas. Maybe create something new and exciting to start building interesting narratives that is something I would love to do.  


Story of Amatrasu


Learning from last year

Last year our concepts and collaborations module was very enjoyable and opened up some interesting ideas to ponder. The twessays were great exercises in making every character count and trying to express yourself with 140 char limit was challenging but enjoyable. The classes on Bear 71 and Rome and other interactive media really caught my eye. They show what you can do to tell stories in interesting and different ways. I found other sites and projects with interactive stories ie interactivestories.org , Al Jazeera and BBC have an interactive story department also tell news stories in more engaging ways.

Where it began

It can be hard to find a focus especially in a course like this. You are being shown a lot of very interesting things every week and you want to do it all however I think I just have to use my own interests and get inspiration from the projects we have been shown in class. Hopefully something interesting will emerge.

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