Short Update

I have let this website slip a bit over the last year or so, but I have updated it and “put a lick of paint on it”. I am two years into my PhD and I have been distracted with my studies and research and learning new areas of my research field, but now is time to start adding to this website and start using it for the benefit of my PhD and research in general.

I use this site as not just a blog but as more of a portfolio site, showing the different projects I have done using programming, writing, publications and music. I have started working with Unity Game Engine, working on Virtual Reality (VR) projects associated with my PhD research. I have added some small projects on the site and will continue to share my work as I go along.

I would love for this site to be an invitation for engagement with people with similar passions and who would like talk about or collaborate in VR, programming or music projects. I will try and write a blog post at least once a month on my PhD progress and what I am working on at that moment, and hopefully it will spark some interest with others who are passionate about the world, technology, music and the human mind.

I will leave it there and thanks for reading, please contact me if you have any feedback or to talk about interesting stuff 🙂

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