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So this is my first post on my newly formed blog. I’ve never had a blog before so bear with me while I get use to expressing myself in this manner. So first of all allow me to introduce myself, my name is Patrick O’Toole and I am from Galway in Ireland but I am currently living in Cork City. I have just started studying Digital Humanities and Information Technology in UCC. I shall be here for the next four years. Currently i’m settling in to my new surrounding here in Cork. I am really enjoying it so far and the course has been very interest as well.




The course is split into two main areas with Digital Humanities and then Information Technology with one art minor subject also. My arts minor subject is Religion and Global Diversity which I am enjoying a lot and is a very interesting subject. As part of the Digital Humanities side of the course all our work has to be open access i.e. published on the web for all to see. So that is where this blog comes into play, it will be a place to discuss and reflect on the information and readings from our classes. It would be great to get some feed back or constructive criticism from anyone interested in the topic i will post. Thats for reading and i hope you join in the discussion at sometime on any of the topics i will post. 

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