Link’s got problems

For this project, we looked to highlight how music and visual manipulation can change a persons outlook on an event. We look a relatively upbeat and charming game “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past” and told a different story by using different music and changing the visual tone. Please check out the video below.

In the footage Link is running about the town with people and interacting with people but they run away from him or try steal his money. In the normal game this is common if you have broken a law but when the game plays with the background music of “Lullaby” from the soundtrack to “Rosemary’s Baby” in black and white the whole tone changes. It turns into a story of a small guy that everyone dislikes and ignores, who is picked on by bullies and is so lonely he jumps down a well.

I think these methods are used a lot in media today to portray a story in a certain light and shows you that aesthetic and sound has a big role in how a person views certain media. Tapping into certain emotions and know how to do this is a powerful tool.