The Last Record is a portal where I share my projects, interests and thoughts on my passions in life. I have just completed a BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology, with Religion and Global Diversity being my minor at University College Cork. So the topics you will tend to find here are about Music, Art, Technology, Eastern Religions and Culture, sometimes all of them being mixed together.

I have been playing music since I was 11 and have played in bands since my mid-teens. Playing and creating music is my life long passion, and to have an outlet to express myself is a wonderful thing. I am always looking for new ways to create things and love to mix different interests together to get new insights. A few projects on this site look to bring these interests together, like my interactive game of the Yasukuni Shrine bringing my programming skill, music recording and eastern religions in line. Also my thesis was on how people associate sound and colours, with I created a program that let people use a guitar as a paintbrush to paint on a digital canvas, bring Art; Music and Technology together.

I hope use find something of interest here and make you think of something in a new way.