Using Zooniverse And Tagging World War I Diaries

Soldiers in WWI

For my first assignment in digital tools and methods, I were tasked with exploring crowdsourcing initiatives and contributing to one closely related to my arts minor or of personal interest to me. I was guided to a website called Zooniverse to find a crowdsourcing initiative of interest. Zooniverse is a citizen science web portal that … Read moreUsing Zooniverse And Tagging World War I Diaries

Digital Artifact – Interactive Map Of Yasukuni

What I am creating for my Digital Artefact This blog post will help explain the process I went through to create a digital artefact for my DH2001 Concepts and Collaborations module. For one of our assignments we were tasked with creating a digital artefact, it could be anything we wanted as long as it was … Read moreDigital Artifact – Interactive Map Of Yasukuni

Realsim Visualising The Future And The Past

Realsim is a company that creates realtime 3D simulations for their clients. Started 8 years ago in Galway and with a team having over 20 years of experience in 3D animations and spatial technologies, Realsim are at the forefront in the 3D simulation business in the fields of planning and heritage. I got to sit … Read moreRealsim Visualising The Future And The Past

What Are Game Mechanics Exactly

There are many definitions floating around of what game mechanics are. We have been discussing it along with game studies in our class the last few weeks and it strikes me as an important part of game design. A simple definition I found was “Game mechanics help provide gameplay by providing a construct of methods or rules … Read moreWhat Are Game Mechanics Exactly

Review – PRY By Tender Claws

Since starting my studies in Digital humanities I have been shown a lot of fascinating projects and tools in the realm of DH. One area that caught my attention last year was interactive stories. We were shown digital stories like Bear 71, Rome and S (an interactive book by Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams) which I … Read moreReview – PRY By Tender Claws

Knowledge, Data And Information

We have been discussing research, knowledge and knowledge the last few weeks. At present we are working on research questions that we have chosen ourselves.Furthermore we are working through the different processes to collect data and create information from it that will become knowledge. The words data, information and knowledge are interesting and something we discussed the … Read moreKnowledge, Data And Information

How Shinto Has Crept Into Modern Culture

The questions of whether Shinto is a religion or not have been long debated and I will not get into the politics of Japanese religion systems. However Shinto is a big part of Japanese life and people practice Shinto rituals disregard of belief in religion. What I will talk about is the impact Shinto has on … Read moreHow Shinto Has Crept Into Modern Culture

Update On Last Weeks Thoughts And Focus

Last Weeks Class Our last DH 2001 class was insightful and gave me things to think about, which is always a good way to leave a lecture. I have been trying to think of areas of interest and where to focus my studies. What angle do I want to approach a certain topic, what tools … Read moreUpdate On Last Weeks Thoughts And Focus

Where Do We Go From Here?

Lets start at the end…. I have come to the conclusion that a focus on creating some sort of interactive stories that connects my arts minor and my other interests is the best way forward. To tell a story about the history of Shinto religion using Music, Games, Art and Technology is my goal.     … Read moreWhere Do We Go From Here?