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Video Games Can Help In Preparation Of Future Pandemics

I have been reflecting a lot recently during the lockdown on video games and their potential in new idea creation and as a perfect platform to test real world processes. It has been a few months since the world went into lockdown over the situation with the Covid-19 Pandemic, and while restrictions are easing in most parts of the world, we still have along way to go before we can completely conquer the virus.

Digital Artifact - Interactive Map Of Yasukuni

This blog post will help explain the process I went through to create a digital artefact for my DH2001 Concepts and Collaborations module. For one of our assignments we were tasked with creating a digital artefact, it could be anything we wanted as long as it was digitally created. We could work in groups or work by yourself, I chose the latter as I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to do and It was connected to my East Asian religions module which no one else in my class was taking.

Social media and its impact in the aftermath of Trigger events

On the 12th of November, Beirut was attacked when two suicide bombers killed 43 civilians and wounded many others. While the next day Paris suffered co-ordinated attacks throughout the city leaving 130 citizens dead and nearly four hundred injured. Both Daesh attacks were carried out by the militant group known as ISIL. These events are very tragic and it is hard to know how to react to them but the questions that come to mind when looking through the internet, are: what impact is social media having in the aftermath of these events?

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