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Update On Last Weeks Thoughts And Focus

Our last DH 2001 class was insightful and gave me things to think about, which is always a good way to leave a lecture. I have been trying to think of areas of interest and where to focus my studies. What angle do I want to approach a certain topic, what tools and methods do I want to use, what are my expectations from certain ideas and what will the outcome of my work be? Maybe I am thinking too much about it but I like to know what I am doing and how I am going to start something instead of just jumping in blindly.


My Own Summer - Dusting Off The Writing Cobwebs

I thought I would write a quick post about my summer to get back into the swing of things before the academic year. It has been a long summer I have to say, finishing my exams at the very start of May has given me four months off. The week after I finished my exams I was off to Cartagena, Spain to take part in a tech start up scrum run by EU-XCEL and partnered with UCC. I had been accepted for this all expenses paid trip the month before and I was looking forward to the challenge of learning the scrum ideology.

Welcome To My Blog - Patrick O'Toole

So this is my first post on my newly formed blog. I've never had a blog before so bear with me while I get use to expressing myself in this manner. So first of all allow me to introduce myself, my name is Patrick O'Toole and I am from Galway in Ireland but I am currently living in Cork City. I have just started studying Digital Humanities and Information Technology in UCC. I shall be here for the next four years. Currently i'm settling in to my new surrounding here in Cork. I am really enjoying it so far and the course has been very interest as well.


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