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Music can blossom without major record labels.

Music has been controlled by the major record companies for decades now and while there are not as many around now, the ones that remain are even bigger than they were before. It is like a game of Pac-man where they gobble up their enemies while getting bigger and bigger with everyone they destroy. In 2011 the four major record labels collected 88% of the market share of recorded music and paid the artists only a fraction of that profit (Mediapocalypse, 2015).


Understanding copyright, creative commons and the public domain

Coming from a music background, it is very important to understand the rights that you have in regard to your work and also knowing what is fair use of other peoples work without infringing on their rights. When creating music I have always been interested in trying to use audio clips from movies or shows in the music to add another dimension to the song. I love how White Zombie used old horror film audio clips in their intros or breakdowns in songs to express themselves.

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