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What Exactly Are Game Mechanics

There are many definitions floating around of what game mechanics are. We have been discussing it along with game studies in our class the last few weeks and it strikes me as an important part of game design. A simple definition I found was "Game mechanics help provide gameplay by providing a construct of methods or rules designed for the player to interact with." (No Author, 2015).  This definition gives you a  simple way to look at game mechanics, connects it to how you play a game and interact with other objects in the game.

Review - PRY By Tender Claws

Since starting my studies in Digital humanities I have been shown a lot of fascinating projects and tools in the realm of DH. One area that caught my attention last year was interactive stories. We were shown digital stories like Bear 71, Rome and S (an interactive book by Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams) which I loved and now this medium has me fascinated.

How mainstream games incorporate education into their games

As an avid gamer I have been immersed in some great stories through video games. I have played on nearly every console since the first nintendo console was released in the mid-eighties. While back then the games were pretty basic, they told good stories and I would like to believe I learned something from them even if it was improving my hand eye co-ordination. You will not get something educational out of every game but the further technology advances video games are getting more multi-layered.

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