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Music can blossom without major record labels.

Music has been controlled by the major record companies for decades now and while there are not as many around now, the ones that remain are even bigger than they were before. It is like a game of Pac-man where they gobble up their enemies while getting bigger and bigger with everyone they destroy. In 2011 the four major record labels collected 88% of the market share of recorded music and paid the artists only a fraction of that profit (Mediapocalypse, 2015).


Social media and its impact in the aftermath of Trigger events

On the 12th of November, Beirut was attacked when two suicide bombers killed 43 civilians and wounded many others. While the next day Paris suffered co-ordinated attacks throughout the city leaving 130 citizens dead and nearly four hundred injured. Both Daesh attacks were carried out by the militant group known as ISIL. These events are very tragic and it is hard to know how to react to them but the questions that come to mind when looking through the internet, are: what impact is social media having in the aftermath of these events?

A critical response to "Storytelling is evolving"

Storytelling has been around since the birth of mankind in one form or another. At its most basic form, stories were told by painting wild animals or hand prints on cave walls. The interactions with these stories were limited to whoever happen to go into that cave and see the drawings. It has evolved a lot since then, and through the ages people have invented new ways to tell their story (“An Evolution of Mankind and Visual Communication.”, 2015).